In 2018, Porsche’s Easter came early: the Mission E hid a little secret.

From March 20th until May 31st, Stuttgart manufacturer Porsche celebrated its seventieth anniversary at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. For this occasion, Porsche cleverly displayed their Mission E concept car to put some eggs in the Easter Bunny’s basket.

Aside from Porsche’s definite nod toward the future and its impressive specifications, the Mission E, first unveiled at the IAA in 2015, had another trick up its sleeve. Revisiting the pictures taken during our tour of the exhibition, something suddenly leaped out of the reflection of the car’s rear diffuser. But what was it?

Hold on, what’s that underneath the diffuser?

Zooming in more closely, it becomes clear that it is in fact a string of text neatly tucked away right in the center of the Mission E’s rear bumper!

Let’s have a closer look at that for a second.

So what does it read? Mirroring the image around, we read: “ CAD hat’s gepasst.” Or, translated into English: “ fitted in CAD.” What’s this about then? A little digging reveals that the ironic phrase stands for a running gag in Porsche’s conceptual development of the 918 RSR and Spyder models, a couple of years ago. According to an Autoblog article, the joke arose out of conflict between the theory of design and the practice of production: the cars’ parts designed digitally in CAD didn’t actually fit together in real life. Now, years later, Porsche evidently embraced the opportunity to uphold the joke with their new concept model. For just a couple of months, it was out there to discover for the keen-eyed observed by means of their mirror-finish display flooring. Perhaps we may call it a testimony to Porsche’s eye to detail?

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